Article Title

The Kidney Hypothetical


Meagan Andrus


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Harvard, graduation, high school, family, friendship, crime, lying, identity

Document Type

Book Review


Higgs Boson Bing graduates high school in five days. In that time, he plans on winning the Student of the Year award, having fun with his girlfriend Roo during graduation festivities, and packing for Harvard. But apparently the universe has it out for Higgs and wants to see him fail. Roo breaks up with him because of some insignificant (to him) hypothetical situation, his name is slandered throughout the school, and Harvard receives an anonymous tip that Higgs lied on his application. Everything comes crashing down and Higgs doesn't know what to do. He meets an enigmatic girl named Monarch, who shows him how to have fun and shrug off the expectations that have been layered on him since his brother's death. But nothing ever lasts, and in the end, Higgs has to decide for himself what he wants to do with the rest of his life.