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Lisi Hong


Outstanding, Young Adult, Norse mythology, wild west, family, friends, adventure, fantasy

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Book Review


In the days of sailing and pillaging, the Norse gods gave the Vikings powers to help them raid and ransack, but these powers aren’t so useful in the late 1800s. Hanne’s family is one of the last with these powers. Her older brother can control the weather, and her younger brother is remarkably strong. Hanne, however, doesn’t think of her power as a gift, but rather a curse. After she kills the three men who murder her father, Hanne and her family are forced to flee to America in search of an uncle they’ve never met. As they travel to Montana with the help of their newfound cowboy friend, Owen, they are chased by two men who may or may not be out to hurt them. During their journey through the wild west, Hanne is forced to come to terms with her gift, protect her family, and learn to love her life despite her curse.