Kaley Durney


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Animals, Babysitting, Responsibility, Problem/Solution

Document Type

Book Review


Tom and his friend Pradeep have a pet goldfish named Frankie, and Tom’s brother has a kitten named Fang. Fang and Frankie really don’t get along. This becomes a challenge when Tom and Pradeep ask Pradeep’s sister Sami to fish-sit for them. They give her a list of things to help her, and her biggest task it to keep Fang and Frankie away from each other. That is really hard to do, so she finally tells them that if they can’t play together, they will have to play her games. Since they can't get along, she dresses them up as babies and pushes them in a stroller. Tom and Pradeep return and are shocked that Fang and Frankie are actually getting along!