Taylor Harris


Outstanding, Intermediate, friendship, family, hardship, poverty, homelessness, school, geocaching

Document Type

Book Review


It’s been three years since Zig’s seen his dad. Thinking a geocacher called Senior Searcher is actually his father, Zig uses an old GPS unit to track down different geocaches in the hope that he’ll find some clue about his father's whereabouts. Meanwhile, the bills are adding up and Zig and his mom are evicted from their apartment and go to live in a homeless shelter. His grades are dropping, he spends less time with his friends, and he’s no closer to finding his dad than before. Eventually, he finds out that his dad has actually been in jail, which is why he suddenly disappeared. Though his geocaching adventures did not lead Zig to his dad, they did introduce him to a new friend, and finally, a place to call home.