Article Title

The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo


Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Primary, Monsters, Mystery, Moving, Friends, Family

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Book Review


Charles has just moved to the big city of Echo and has a not-unusual bedtime problem: a monster in his closet that his parent's don't see. Charles is a budding journalist who takes his blog very seriously. He meets Kevin, another kid in the building, and Kevin gives him the scoop on the neighborhood and asks if Charles has any need for a monster specialist. Charles reluctantly admits that help would be useful and Kevin gives him a business card with the name of Margo Maloo, a monster mediator. Margo creeps in through his "penthouse" window and soon has his troll trouble sorted. Charles and the troll even collect the same monster figures, who knew? The discovery of a monster in his basement and his fear of being eaten prompt Charles to begin an investigation on his blog to find other creatures hidden nearby. His search leads to more mystery when local ogres accuse him of abducting a baby from their clan. Margo shows up in the nick of time to save Charles and begin the search for the missing child. Charles swears an oath of secrecy and together they find the missing girl and return her to her family. Margo decides to hire Charles as her assistant to keep an eye on him. Charles decides that living in the city will not be so bad after all.

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