Article Title

Tentacle and Wing


Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Intermediate, Prejudice, Differences, Mutation, Evolution, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Courage

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Book Review


Ada has known for most of her life that she is a kime, a human-animal hybrid from an unknown source. She looks fully human, though, and this allows her to keep it secret. Her father teaches her to lie about how things look to her, because her hidden hybrid gift is infrared vision. Most kines (chimera) have visible mutations--wings, tentacles, flippers, and such. Humans fear, persecute, and isolate kimes. When a test reveals Ada's true nature, she is relieved to think that she will no longer have to conceal her real self. But when she arrives at the kime facility, she discovers that humans are not the only ones with prejudices. Does she look too human? Can she be trusted? Can she trust the other kimes, and what do they want her to do with her special ability? Ada discovers an unexpected sister and a way to be her own person, regardless of everyone else.