Article Title

Sword Art Online (SAO)


Natalie Hatch


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, graphic novel, sword, video game, gamer, VR, avatars

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Book Review


Nervegear has developed Sword Art Online, an all-inclusive gaming experience where the gamers can see, feel, taste, smell, and hear everything in game, all while keeping their bodies stationary. Kirito is one of the lucky individuals selected as a beta tester and joins ten thousand players on the day the game launches. However, none of the players have a logout button and the players are trapped. The creator confirms this, teleporting them all and making an announcement that their lives are irrevocably tied to the game now, and if they die here, they die in the real world. The only way any of them will rejoin the real world is when someone makes it to Level 100 and defeats the final boss. Using previously gained knowledge and skill of the game, Kirito beats the game, makes and loses friends, and finds peace after over two years in-game.