Kaley Durney


Outstanding, Primary, Cat, Illness, Veterinarian

Document Type

Book Review


Kitty is not acting like normal Kitty and needs to go to the vet. Kitty hates going to the vet and it takes some clever thinking to get Kitty into the crate and to the vet. The vet makes Kitty go to sleep while he pulls out an infected tooth. While Kitty is sleeping, she meets the cat who decides whether Kitty gets to go to pussycat paradise or puppydog paradise. He says that Kitty has been bad and will go to puppydog paradise if Kitty doesn’t do one act of kindness to the puppy. Kitty wakes up and frantically tries to find puppy and do something nice for him. Kitty finally gives up and tries to comfort puppy, but with that act, she passed!