Article Title

Spirit Hunters


Karen Abbott


Excellent, Intermediate, New House, Moving, Family Relationships, Ghosts, Spirits, Mediums, Paranormal, Horror

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Book Review


Harper can't remember the fire at her school or her stay at a mental hospital, where she received massive injuries that no one could explain. She is angry and unhappy in the Victorian mansion that her family has recently moved into. To make matters worse, her sweet little brother is turning into a very mean little stranger. Things get better when she makes a new best friend, Dayo, whose mother is a wonderful cook. Slowly, Harper's memory returns and she remembers her previous experiences with ghosts, realizing that her little brother is in serious danger. With the help of her estranged grandmother, best friend, best ghost, and ghostly voodoo mentor, Harper is able to heal her family and remove the vengeful ghosts from their new home.