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Romeo, Juliet & Jim


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Love, Drama, Fashion, Secrets, Teen Romance, Love Triangle

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Book Review


As children of the two biggest fashion houses in Paris, Romeo and Juliet engage in a relationship that they know is wrong. Doing all they can to keep their relationship a secret, the two teenagers meet up for undercover rendezvous in secluded hotels. All is well until one day, the pair are nearly discovered, an event that leads them to meet Jim. Young, rich and handsome, Jim fits in perfectly with Romeo and Juliet. The three quickly become friends, but Jim is holding a secret deep within his heart: his father has plans to destroy both fashion houses to make them his own business. In fact, Jim has only been brought to Paris to spy on Romeo and Juliet in order to give his father the upper-hand. If this wasn't complicated enough, the three quickly become a love triangle. Juliet shares an intimate relationship with Jim because Romeo was seen with a beautiful model at a party. The story ends on a cliff-hanger alluding to a sequel in the future.