Article Title

Ready Player One


Natalie Hatch


Dependable, Young Adult, dystopia, urban, online, cyber, 80's, video games

Document Type

Book Review


Virtual reality developer James Halliday dies leaving gamers to find his in-game Easter Egg. Parzival is an orphan and dreams of nothing more than winning, along with millions of others including the dastardly Innovative Online Industries, home of the sixers, individuals who have numbers instead of names. Parzival’s best friend Aech is also searching for the egg, along with Art3mis, Daito, and Shoto. The ‘High-5’ have spent their lives studying Halliday, his loves, his life, everything. They individually try to solve the game on their own, until the IOI start taking them out one-by-one. Og was Halliday’s only real friend and, trying to preserve the spirit of the game, offers sanctuary at his Rivendell home. Perzival is able to make it to the final gate and beat the IOI with only moments to spare, destroying their plans of world domination.