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Meagan Andrus


Dependable, Young Adult, chastity, friendship, sex, love, family, father, daughter, religion

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Book Review


Shelby made three promises right before her mother died: one, that she'd love and listen to her father; two, that she'd love as much as possible; and three, that she'd live a life without restraint. When her father asks her to attend a father-daughter Princess Ball with him, two of her promises come into conflict. Shelby doesn't think she can live without restraint and maintain the ball's idea of "purity." To remedy this conflict, she and her best friends come up with a plan for Shelby to lose her virginity before the ball. As she goes about trying to find the perfect guy, Shelby realizes that she doesn't really have a great relationship with her father. Eventually, she realizes that her mother's promises were in an effort to keep Shelby and her father close, and while their relationship has been strained since her mother's death, it's never too late to remedy hurt feelings and broken hearts.