Article Title

Orphan Train Girl


Meagan Andrus


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Orphan, Foster Care, Family, Friendship, Ireland, Native American

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Book Review


In this young reader adaptation of her adult book Orphan Train, Kline tells the story of Molly Ayer, a young girl who's been moved around frequently in foster homes. When Molly gets into trouble one day, she has to do twenty hours of community service with Vivian Daly, an elderly woman in her town. She's supposed to help Vivian clean out her attic, which has accumulated belongings and memories for years, but the project turns into a way for Vivian to tell her life story to someone who understands. Like Molly, Vivian became an orphan in the late 1920s and was passed from house to house. As they begin to understand each other, Molly is able to better deal with her own situation and even help Vivian tie up some loose ends from her past.