Article Title

Orphan Train Girl


Melissa Secor


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, orphan train, young adult, orphan, realistic, historical

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Book Review


Molly has been moving from foster home to foster home ever since her father died in a car accident. Nowhere feels like home, and no one understands. Everything changes when Molly ends up with community service and has to help an old lady, Vivian, clean out her attic. As Molly helps Vivian, she learns more about Vivian’s childhood and history, and slowly Molly realizes that her and Vivian have more in common than she ever would have guessed. When Vivian was ten, she was placed on an “Orphan Train” that took her and many other orphans across the country in hopes of finding a family. As they unpack the attic together, they forge an unexpected friendship.