Meagan Andrus


Excellent, Young Adult, homeless, family, religion, cult, twins, San Francisco, faith

Document Type

Book Review


Sixteen-year-old Abigail lives in a van in San Francisco with her parents and her twin brother, Aaron. They sold their house and everything they owned, following a pastor named Brother John, to prepare for the end of the world. After a few weeks, the apocalypse still hasn't happened. Abigail is worried about Aaron, who disappears every night, and she's also worried about her parents, who don't seem to be doing anything to make a more permanent home. When she follows Aaron one night to find him meeting up with other homeless teenagers, she's at first upset and then relieved to find some sense of normalcy. Her faith in her parents and God is failing her, and eventually she sees that her parents are failing her, too. It isn't until Aaron is taken away in an ambulance after a street fight that her parents finally decide to choose family over the religion that has only taken away and never given.