Natalie Hatch


Excellent, Young Adult, urban fantasy, romance, dystopia, castle, portals

Document Type

Book Review


Cedric and Kat are finally back in Caelum with Liv. Liv only comes with the hope of saving her brother while Kat and Cedric try to free their families, overthrow Malquin, and return Caelum back to normal. On Earth, the Knights of Valere are going missing, or showing up dead. Merek, Shannon, and Joe are the only ones who know what’s going on and are trying to find a way to stop their world from ending while Liv is in Caelum. Eventually the crew reunites and must combine their quests in order to save both of the worlds suffering from the portals that have been opened. Moments before a slew of deaths, they are able to save the worlds and turn back some of Malquin’s misdeeds, but not without long-reaching effects for the worlds’ futures.