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All About Mia


Emilee Bell


Dependable, Young Adult, young adult, drama, family, teen, British, minority, sister, sibling, relationship

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Book Review


Mia is doomed to live her life sandwiched between the glory of her Olympic-bound younger sister, Aubrey, and “Amazing Grace,” her older sister destined for Cambridge. Even when Grace is six months pregnant with a boyfriend in tow, the whole family extols Grace’s virtues and responsible nature. Mia, furious with the attention Grace revels in, acts out by getting drunk and losing her virginity. With Grace’s maternal glow steadily increasing, and Mia’s self-pity growing each day, nobody notices Aubrey diminish in confidence. The story peaks with Aubrey running away, Grace and Mia bonding while going to the rescue, and Mia delivering Grace’s baby in an abandoned house. In the end, Mia realizes that while she doesn’t have one thing that defines her, like swimming or smarts, she has a spirit that cannot be rivaled.