Article Title

Little Peach


Emma Patton


Dependable, Young Adult, runaway, prostitution, gangs, family, drugs, underage, New York City

Document Type

Book Review


Michelle is in the hospital, and she has a decision to make. There is a professional woman who says that she wants to help, but Michelle doesn’t know whether she should tell the truth. Through a series of flashbacks, Michelle reveals exactly how she got to the be in this position. She remembers a positive early childhood, being raised by her grandfather until he passes away. Then, all she has left is her drug-addicted mother and her mother’s boyfriend, whose physical advances scare Michelle. At age fourteen, she leaves home to live in New York. Soon, she meets Devon, who seems to genuinely care about her. Devon gives Michelle so much: food, clothing, a place to live, and the semblance of a family. So, even when Devon starts to ask Michelle to do things with her body that she doesn’t feel comfortable with, she’s not sure how she can refuse. She knows that her situation isn’t great, but she just doesn’t know whether she can hope for anything better.