Article Title

Little Peach


Meagan Andrus


Dependable, Young Adult, Runaway, Prostitution, Gangs, Family, Drugs, Underage, New York City

Document Type

Book Review


Fourteen-year-old Michelle is kicked out of her house after her loving grandfather dies, leaving her with her crackhead mother. She runs away to make a new start in New York City but is quickly lured into a prostitution ring by a man named Devon. Michelle and her two other "sisters," Kat and Baby, sleep all day and work at night. Devon keeps them on narcotics to help them through the long nights. Eventually, Kat decides to quit the drugs, which makes Devon mad. After Kat's beaten senseless, Michelle, now called Little Peach, realizes that her "daddy" doesn't care about her and will never let her go. She takes matters into her own hands and barely escapes with her life. The ending is left open, but it's implied that Michelle is able to get help from a social worker and leave her hazy, drug-stained nights behind.