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Invisible Emmie


Rachel Aedo


Excellent, Intermediate, Graphic Novel; Funny; Self-confidence; Middle School; Crushes; Friendship

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Book Review


Emmie is invisible. Her parents overlook her, she has only one friend, and her crush has no inkling that she exists. She’s encouraged to speak up for herself and reach out to others, but it’s easier to quietly draw. This book is her journal, fully illustrating the worst day of her life. Katie’s life is the exact opposite of Emmie’s. Katie is the most popular girl in school, has more friends than her house can fit, and the cutest boy in school just asked her out! This might just be the best day of her life, until Emmie’s love note to Katie’s boyfriend falls in the school hallway. Now everyone knows who Emmie has a crush on, and Katie’s and Emmie’s lives converge, changing everything for the better.