Article Title

In Real Life


Natalie Hatch


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, gaming, female, irl, economics, fitting in, bullying

Document Type

Book Review


Anda has recently moved from her hometown, her grandmother, and her old friends. She has a hard time fitting in because of her physical appearance and love of gaming. She’s only played off-line games until Liza the Organiza, president of Clan Fahrenheit in Coursegold Online, comes and talks at her school. She offers the girls there a temporary three-month membership to her clan with possible full membership afterwards if they can prove themselves. The only catch? To embrace themselves as girls, in-game and out. Anda accepts and learns about economics, different cultures, languages, bullying, and helps a ‘gold farmer’ named Raymond who she finds out works online and in-game to survive in real life.