Article Title

A Smidgen of Sky


Emily Loveless


Excellent, Intermediate, grief, change, family, loyalty, forgiveness, growing up

Document Type

Book Review


Piper Lee DeLuna’s momma is about to get married again, four years after Piper's daddy's plane went missing. Piper Lee needs a plan to stop this wedding, and fast. She puts her story out on the internet where people might have information about her daddy. Then she contacts Ginger’s momma so Ben will realize how much he misses her and leave Piper Lee’s momma alone. The fun of seeing Ginger’s happiness at hearing from a mother she’s never known sours when her momma fails to keep promises, and the exciting anticipation of news about Piper Lee’s daddy turns to disappointment and fear when she has a brush with an internet predator. Piper Lee just wants her family back the way it was, but now she’s not sure she remembers it right. When a crisis at Ben’s job dredges up the same fears and anxiety surrounding her daddy’s initial disappearance, Piper Lee realizes that there might be room in her family, and her heart, for two new people.