Natalie Hatch


Outstanding, Young Adult, magic, romance, monsters, fantasy, orphan

Document Type

Book Review


Alina Starkov is an orphan, soldier, and apprentice map-maker. She is in love with Mal, her best friend and fellow soldier, but never tells him. Everything changes when their group attempts to cross the Shadow Fold and they are attacked. Alina releases a magic she never knew she had, attracting the Darkling, the most powerful man in the kingdom. Upon him taking her into ‘protective custody,’ she meets Genya, who sees to her beauty-needs and then Baghra, in charge of trying to cultivate her powers to fight against the Shadow Fold. As time goes on, Alina realizes she’s in more danger than just the Shadow Fold and escapes the Darkling with Gaghra’s help. Mal trackers her down, becoming a traitor, but announcing his desire to stay with Alina forever. Together they escape the country.