Meagan Andrus


Dependable, Young Adult, mental illness, sexual abuse, family, alcoholic, drug abuse, suicide, murder, teacher, religion

Document Type

Book Review


Leonard Peacock plans to go to school, come home, shoot his ex-best friend Asher Beal, and then kill himself. But first, he has to give the few friends and important people in his life some farewell gifts. He reminisces on how he got to where he currently is and how life never gets any better. Alternating between moments of truth and clarity and moments of self-loathing and despair, Leonard's journey is full of many ups and downs. Ultimately, Leonard realizes he doesn't have it in him to kill Asher, who we later find out sexually abused Leonard for two years when they were younger. He also doesn't quite have the strength to kill himself either, and, thanks to a perceptive and loyal teacher, decides to wait out his life for now and hope for a better future, one full of people who love him unconditionally.