Outstanding, Intermediate, Mothers and daughters, suicide, death, September 11th 2001, history, musician, friendships, sibling relationships, unemployment, disability, prejudice

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Book Review


In her growing-up years, Georgia struggles to make sense of the paranoia of her over-protective mother, the rift between her grandmother and great-grandmother, and the unexplained death of her great-great-grandmother. While piecing together these puzzles, Georgia also learns from loss—she watches her older brother make choices that lead to her teacher’s death in a car accident, sees her father struggle with unemployment, and experiences the horrors of September 11, 2001, hearing that her friend’s father has died in New York City. Georgia also tries to find her own way as a musician, although her mother, Francie, can’t understand why. As Abby, Dana, Francie, and Georgia sit down in a four-generation heart-to-heart conversation, differences are resolved and light is shed on family secrets.