Article Title

Factory Girl


Taylor Nelson


Excellent, Young Adult, Uyghur (Turkic People), China, Factories, Work, Prejudices, Ethnic Relations

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Book Review


Roshen, a sixteen-year-old Uyghar girl, has been selected to work in a factory for a year in the south of China. Her family's farm is at stake, and she is told that it is a wonderful opportunity that will help her future career. However, she is faced with the ugly truth upon arrival: work conditions are horrific and Uyghar workers are discriminated against. She is forced to stop wearing her Muslim headdress, served food that is against her religious beliefs, lied to about pay, and isolated from everyone and everything outside of the factory. Forced to do horrific things to keep customers happy, Roshen begins to starve herself to become 'ugly' so her boss will not single her out to entertain his guests. She becomes deathly ill, and, not wanting unwelcome government attention, the factory owners send her home, where she begins to pick up the pieces of what is left of her life.