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Tessa McMillan


Outstanding, Young Adult, Adventures and adventurers; Future life; Orphans; Fantasy

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Book Review


On the island of Edgeland, the main business is funerals. People from all over the world float their dead into a nearby ocean hole called the Drain. Alec works for the best funeral home on the island and acquires a major client. Unfortunately, his payment is accidentally placed on a barge heading for the Drain. Alec and Wren, Alec’s best friend, attempt to retrieve the funds, but they get sucked into the Drain. Deep inside, they see the dead returning to life. To stay alive, Wren and Alec must hide that they are living and find allies to help them escape. Working with a rebel group, Wren and Alec defeat the ruling class to reopen the gateways to heaven. As the island is emptied of its inhabitants, the seas flood, making Wren and Alec’s escape back to Edgeland possible.