Article Title

Darius & Twig


Meagan Andrus


Excellent, Young Adult, Harlem, New York City, racism, running, writing, college, coming-of-age, friendship, family

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Book Review


Darius and Twig are best friends who support each other in their individual interests. Darius loves to write and Twig always gives good feedback, Twig is a runner and Darius is always at his races to cheer him on. As they go throughout their junior year of high school, they both begin to question who they are and who they can be. College scouts watching Twig and the potential publication of Darius's story force the two to make some decisions about their futures. Towards the end, both Darius and Twig come to realize that who you are is a compilation of the things you think, feel, and do when there is no one around to watch.