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Dare Mighty Things


Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, NASA, space travel, friendship, competition, strength, fear, courage, knowledge, reliance

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Book Review


Cassandra is only too willing to join the elite of the elite, competing for a chance to go into space. It's what she has dreamed of her whole life. During the competition, she makes new friends and allies, something that she has never had before. By the end of the competition, she is ranked number two, which is devastating, but Luka, rank number one, still believes in her and wants her to keep pushing herself beyond her limits. A couple of weeks before the launch, Luka opts out, leaving Cassandra as the number one going to space. The space crew travel for almost a year in space to a new planet that could offer new life to humans. There's just one catch: Luka is actually an alien from that planet asking for help and refuge that could put human existence at risk. But Cassandra is willing to do anything, as long as she gets to see Luka again.