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Meagan Andrus


Excellent, Young Adult, family, car crash, Florida, twins, sisters, friendship, loss, healing, death, mystery, Haitian American

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Book Review


Sixteen-year-old twins Giselle and Isabelle were born holding hands - the doctors had to separate them in order to deliver them properly. On the day that their family gets into a car crash, the girls are again holding hands, only to be ripped apart once more when Isabelle dies from her injuries and Giselle lives. As Giselle recovers, she goes through her abundance of memories with Isabelle, their parents, and their friends to fully examine what might have led to the crash that day, as well as hold on to her sister's memory as long as possible. Thanks to some good doctors and loving family, Giselle pulls herself back from the edge and finds the strength to keep living life, even though she knows that her heart will never be fully whole again.