Article Title

The Witch Boy


Olivia Hales


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Magic, Shapeshifting, Witchcraft, Acceptance, Social Norms

Document Type

Book Review


Aster is a teen who lives in a magic community. In his world, men are shapeshifters who protect, and women are witches who gather knowledge and provide for the community. Aster hasn’t come into his powers yet, and has no interest in shapeshifting. He’s interested in witchcraft, but witchcraft is not for boys. So Aster teaches himself. When other boys begin disappearing and one returns mangled and in half-monster form, the suspected culprit is something worse than a demon. A demonic-monster appears in Aster's room and offers to help him discover a powerful form. Aster falsely accepts the offer and enters the demon’s lair, where he finds the missing boys and uses witchcraft to trick and defeat the monster. Aster returns home victoriously with the kidnapped boys. His witchcraft is finally acknowledged and accepted by the community.