Article Title

The Witch Boy


Natalie Hatch


Excellent, Intermediate, witch, shape-shifting, magic, family, coming of age, fantasy

Document Type

Book Review


Aster was born into a life of magic. His mother and older sister are witches, and his father is a shapeshifter. It has always been this way: male shapeshifters and female witches. Aster, who struggles with shapeshifting, is drawn to words of power, the incantations and spells that the women use. He tries to learn these things but is caught, disciplined, teased, and treated worse by his family members. When Aster's male cousins go missing, Aster finds he’s the only one who can scry to find the missing boys. He wants to help and protect his family, but to do so goes against everything his family teaches. His non-magical human friend Charlie helps him to see what he wants to do and can do. With her help, Aster faces his fear of his family as well as the monster cursing them. He solves an old family mystery while helping others understand that witchery is a matter of the magic inside, not gender.