Meagan Andrus


Dependable, Young Adult, princess, theme park, summer, romance, drama, college, relationship

Document Type

Book Review


College sophomore Alyssa is so excited for her summer - she gets to work as Cinderella at Enchanted Dominion, and her long-distance boyfriend Jake will finally live in the same city as her and work at the park too! Then all of her dreams come crashing down when Jake breaks up with her for someone else. This was not a part of Alyssa's plan, and she is faced with the fact that plans don't always pan out. Luckily, she finds an empathetic friend in Miller, another theme park worker she's known for ages. He, unlike Jake, is willing to listen to her, make her laugh, and help her suck it up and get back to her old self. Alyssa finds herself falling for Miller quickly when he shows his true friendship, but then worries that her feelings are nothing more than a rebound after Jake's betrayal. Through some soul-searching, good friends, and a magical night at the park, Alyssa recognizes that she's more than just a pretty blonde with a happily-ever-after wish - she's strong and sensitive and good.