Dependable, Young Adult, mythology, adventure

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Book Review


Apollo is punished by Zeus by being turned into a mortal and is stunned to find that he retains none of his godly strength or glamour. He is also forced to serve Meg, a snarky daughter of Demeter. They retreat to Camp Half-Blood and find it in turmoil. Apollo and Meg overhear a plot by the ancient Roman emperor Nero to destroy all oracles, including the Grove of Dodona near Camp Half-Blood. Apollo and Meg determine to locate the grove and the missing campers. Meg and Apollo find the grove and missing campers, but before they can rescue them, Nero appears. Following Nero’s orders, Meg forces Apollo to open the grove. Nero tries to burn down the grove, but he is unsuccessful. The grove gives a prophecy to Apollo. Meg, confused by Nero's manipulations, releases Apollo from servitude and flees. Apollo returns to Camp Half-Blood to help Percy Jackson and the other campers stop an attack on the camp.