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Bravelands: Broken Pride


Ariel Woodbury


Outstanding, Young Adult, Africa; Animals; Lions;

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Book Review


Titan, a large pride-less male lion, killed Fearless's father when Fearless was a cub to try and gain control of the pride. Fearless was forced to run away to a baboon troop. When the leader of the troop is killed by a hyena, Fearless goes off to force the hyena's group from the area in an attempt to prove himself to the troop. The hyena's gang is much larger than he had expected, and as they overrun him, he is saved by lionesses from his old pride, including his sister. Still unable to return to his pride, Fearless returns to the baboons only to find he's been exiled. With nowhere else to go, he sneaks up to his family's pride to see his mother. When he's found, he offers to find Titan's cub who was kidnapped by cheetahs. With the help of his loyal baboon friends, Fearless rescues the cub and returns. While he now has a place in the pride, his life is in danger around Titan.