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10 True Tales: FBI Heros


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, FBI; crime; investigation; criminal justice; law; law enforcement; criminal; agent;

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Book Review


The FBI is the top criminal investigation group in the country. This book covers a variety of tough, high-profile cases solved by the FBI. The stories include a Dallas terrorist who is ready to blow up a popular building, the kidnapping of a four-day-old baby, interns stealing moon rocks from NASA, a murder of four that left no evidence, a woman who sent cookies with rat poisoning to fourteen government officials, an eight-year-old kidnapped from her bedroom, a bank robber who stole about $2 million, two young adults providing material support to terrorist organizations, the abduction of a wealthy man’s wife and sons, and the conviction of a high-ranking CIA officer of selling information to Russia from jail via his son. Many tough cases, several dead ends, but in the end, justice reins supreme.