Karen Abbott


Dependable, Intermediate, Ghosts, Dogs, Friends, Moving, New Home, Making Friends, Mystery, Paranormal, Family

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Book Review


Lucas is ten years old and has a strange lung condition that doctors treat but for which there is no diagnosis. In an effort to help him heal, his parents are moving to a strange house in the woods around Hounds Hollow. They hope that the air will be better for him there than it is in the city. Strange things begin to happen, even before they arrive at the mansion. Weird dreams and vague animal shapes seem to follow Lucas wherever he goes in the woods and around the house, and the weird girl next door, Bess, seems to know more than she's letting on. Lucas, Bess, and another boy, Lens, begin a search for answers. Piece by piece, they unravel the mysteries of Lucas's family, the disappearances, and of a fire that happened long ago. What they find may even help Lucas heal as well.