Article Title

The Ghost Road


Karen Abbott


Excellent, Intermediate, Twins, Cousins, Family, Ghosts, Paranormal, Second Sight, Mystery, Suspense

Document Type

Book Review


Ruth has never visited Newfoundland and is doing so for the first time somewhat against her will. Her father is recently remarried, and Ruth calls her stepmother ‘Awful Gwen.’ Ruth has been sent to stay with family for the summer while her father and Awful Gwen conduct research in South America. From the first night of her stay in her aunt's old house, Ruth begins to experience visions and see ghosts. Her cousin Ruby soon joins her in the guest room, and their resemblance is uncanny. It doesn't take long for the girls to discover that they are not just cousins, but twins, and that they are part of a family curse that is passed from one generation to the next. Each pair of twins has died on the same day and at the same time for 150 years. Ruth and Ruby must find a way to break the curse using Ruth's visions and Ruby's knowledge of local history and family legend.