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All The Little Lights


Karen Abbott


Excellent, Young Adult, Mental Illness, Dysfunctional Families, Romance, Teen Love, Suspense, Thriller, Horror

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Book Review


Two troubled teens find love amid mental illness, death, and abuse. Catherine and Elliott meet at the age of fifteen and find common ground in the constant fighting of dysfunctional parents. As their almost perfect summer draws to a close, Catherine's father dies just as Elliott's mother tears him away from the drama. Elliott promises Catherine that he will return, but it isn't until their senior year that he is able to keep his promise. Catherine hates him, and now has a secret that requires her to keep him out of her life and out of her heart. Elliott has taken out his anger issues in the gym, and when he returns he soars to the top of the high school food chain as the quarterback of the football team. But when Catherine's top tormentor goes missing, suspicion turns to Elliott.