Article Title

The Dollar Kids


Rachel Iba


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, realistic, family, healing, grief, community, new kid

Document Type

Book Review


Twelve-year-old Lowen Grover is grieving after the loss of his friend Abe in a drug store shooting. He feels partially responsible that Abe was even in the store in the first place, and his guilt has been tormenting him. That's when Lowen finds an article about a town called Millville that is giving away homes for just one dollar. It seems perfect. They can get away from this tragedy, let his mom start a new business, and become more stable financially. His family gives up almost everything they know to buy this home and start a new adventure. However, things in the new town are not as dreamy as they had hoped. Unfriendly neighbors, slow business, and a seemingly endless repair list for the house make the transition to Millville tough on everyone. Lowen as well has to learn that he can't run away from his guilt or his grief and must learn how to face it head on. The family goes through tremendous growth after they move to Millville, but they and the town are both bettered by the dollar families.