Article Title

Bug Girl 1: Bug Girl


Rebecca Lambert


Dependable, Intermediate, Insects, Ability, Monsters, Magic, Superhero

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Book Review


Amanda Price loves bugs. She also loves hearing stories about the heroes of Oyster Cove: Dragonfly and Megawoman. Her friend Emily used to love hearing stories about the two superheroines as well, but lately Emily has been more concerned with the latest fashion trends and with insulting her friends. Amanda has found a new group of friends, including her new best friend, a fashionable, intelligent nerd named Vincent. Amanda's and Emily's moms are best friends, so they decide to go out for the day, forcing the two girls to hang out at Emily's birthday party. In the middle of this middle school drama, the ground starts shaking. Amanda runs out of the house to see Oyster Cove filled with giant green bugs! She runs towards the bugs, and discovers that she has super powers! Better yet, all of her super powers relate to bugs! She has long antennae, an exoskeleton, and super speed! However, she runs to the scene only to see Dragonfly and Megawoman get trapped. The giant green bugs are holograms, but their captor is real: a super villain named the Exterminator. Amanda and Emily find out that their moms are Dragonfly and Megawoman, and they decide to team up despite their differences. They have ups and downs along the way, and they don't always work together as a team the way they should. However, in the end, and with the help of some of their friends, they learn how to use their powers, they fight the Exterminator, and they save their moms, as well as the entire city!