Article Title

Small Spaces


Karen Abbott


Excellent, Intermediate, Paranormal, Friends, Courage, Loss, School, Books

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Book Review


Olivia Adler has an attitude. She especially dislikes people who make exceptions for her because her mother was killed in a plane crash. When she sees a woman about to throw a book into a pond, Olivia steals the book out of the woman's hands and races away. It is a strange book, and when she begins to read it, she isn't quite sure what is going on. Her class goes on a field trip the next day, and the things in the book begin to make some sense, especially when the bus stalls and they can't get any cell reception. Ollie and two friends head into the woods on their own. Soon they are surrounded by mysterious scarecrows, ghostly apparitions, and a terrifying corn maze. Ollie has courage, and with the help of her friends and her mother's old watch, she knows that she can help them all find their way back home.