Katie Morrell


Excellent, Young Adult, Family Problems, healing, shame

Document Type

Book Review


No one is allowed within five miles of the house. That’s Annabelle’s only way to keep the secret that her mom is an extreme hoarder from her friends. Annabelle has learned to hide from the mess, but when her mom and dad have a heated argument and divorce may be looming in the future, something must be done to clean up the house and their lives, but it’s not that simple. Dad runs away. Neat-freak Grandma Nora shows up and starts tearing through the house. And Annabelle has a huge crush on Drew, but if he finds out the truth about her family life, he won’t be interested. Everything is spiraling out of control! Unless Annabelle’s mom can throw away the moldy milk cartons and everything else, their family will fall apart.