Outstanding, Preschool, Christmas, Bear, Frog, Hotel, Unexpected

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Bear is anticipating a nice quiet Christmas—until an excitable frog knocks on his door and shakes things up! Frog had taken a wrong turn on his way to the Christmas Extravaganza Hotel, and, seeing Frog’s disappointment, Bear decides to help. Using Frog’s brochure as a guide, Bear creates his own versions of the holiday experiences Frog was expecting. The two become fast friends as Bear lovingly and patiently does all he can to give Frog a memorable stay while showing him the beauty and festivity Mother Nature has to offer. Thanks to Bear’s efforts, when all is said and done, Frog doesn’t miss the synthetic lights, supersonic sleigh, or singing Christmas tree he set out to see. Instead, Frog wants to make a reservation at Bear’s Christmas hotel for next year!