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My So-Called Superpowers


Dependable, Primary, Intermediate, Middle School, Superhero, Identity

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Book Review


Veronica is intent on joining the “Est” club, where the prettiest, sportiest, smartest, and other “best” students of the school congregate. However, the “Ests” consider Veronica to be too average. Veronica is sure she can impress them by decorating the gym for the Spring Formal. Unfortunately, her emotions begin to cause very literal problems. When she’s afraid, she turns invisible; when she’s angry, fire bursts from her mouth; when she’s happy, her body forces her to dance for joy. Struggling to hide her powers from her dad, her bully, and her nosy school counselor, Veronica and her best friend Charlie try to figure out how to control her powers and discover where they came. When her superpowers are revealed at the dance, Veronica’s emotions cause a storm to erupt. To calm her down, her father confesses that Veronica gets her powers from his side of the family. Almost everyone’s memories of Veronica’s powers abruptly disappear, and she accepts that it’s okay for her to be the “weirdest” in the school.