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My Beijing


Laura Dekle


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Cultural, Adventurous, Graphic Novel

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Book Review


Hu’er lives in Beijing with her charming and quirky Grampa. Hu’er is often carried or pushed in a wheelchair due to a physical disability that affects her legs. She and Grampa live in a hutong, which is like a mix between a cul-de-sac and an alleyway. The four mini-stories in this book chronicle the adventures Hu’er and Grampa have in and around their hutong. When a public pool will not accept Hu’er because of her physical limitations, Grampa teaches her the formations of swimming on a rope in their yard. One day while Grampa is napping, Hu’er meets a mysterious boy who teaches her to find wonder and beauty in nature. Grampa tells Hu’er the fascinating and surprising story of how he met her Gramma when he was a mailman. Finally, Hu’er and Grampa charm a grumpy older neighbor by paying attention to his dreams and then saving his life.