Article Title

The Boy Next Door


Gabrielle Borg


Dependable, Young Adult, Ice Skating, Love Story, Best Friends, Relationships, Family

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Book Review


Maddy and Gabe have been best friends and ice skating partners for as long as they can remember. Gabe has always been very platonic with his side of the relationship, never giving Maddy any reason to believe there is more than best friendship involved. Despite her best efforts, Maddy keeps falling "head over skates" for Gabe with each moment they are together. When Igor, their ice skating coach, assigns them music from the opera version of Romeo and Juliet, their relationship takes a turn. Their feelings grow as the two progress with their routine. Their relationship deepens, trust is threatened, and their partnership is tested in ways they never expected. In the end, Gabe and Maddy admit their feelings for each other and continue to strive for the gold.