Article Title

Spinning Silver


Braxton Church


Outstanding, Young Adult, Naomi Novik, Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Retelling, Winter, Demon, Gold, Silver, Inner Strength, Magic, Slavic

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Book Review


When Miryem boasts of her talents as a moneylender, the King of the Staryk demands her to turn his silver into gold. To do so, Miryem turns the Staryk silver into jewelry and sells it to a duke’s daughter, Irina. But with the enchanted silver, Irina captures the eyes of the young tsar, who immediately weds her. Irina soon learns that the tsar is ruled by a demon of fire, and the Staryk King takes Miryem to be his queen. Now both women must outwit their captors if they want to survive, all while being aided by Wanda, a woman who served Miryem in order to care for her own family. These women come together in a plot to stop both demons and, ultimately, to save their kingdom.