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This One Summer


Abigail Packard


Outstanding, Young Adult, Mariko Tamaki, Jiliam Tamaki, Graphic Novel, Contemporary, Coming Of Age, Family, Friends, Vacation

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Book Review


Each summer, Rosie and her parents take a vacation at a lake house in Awago Beach. There, Rosie and her friend Windy spend time on the beach, swimming, watching movies, and just bumming around. But this year things are different. Rosie’s parents are fighting, and Rosie and Windy get sucked in to the local teenage drama. Rosie discovers that her mother, struggling with deep grief and her relationship with her husband, had had a miscarriage the year before. She finds out that the local teenage drama that revolves around one couple’s mishaps and resulting pregnancy lead the girl to almost commit suicide. Rosie and Windy find strength in each other as they navigate life’s big changes together and try to understand the complications that life throws at them and at their families.