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Bailey Ondricek


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Sarah Cohen-Scali, World War II, Historical Fiction, Nazi Germany, Lebensborn Program, Fetus

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Book Review


Max is a child born into Hitler’s supremacist Lebensborn Program. Proudly narrating his own story, Max begins the telling with his conception between his young volunteer mother at her insemination from an SS officer. Max is a perfect Nazi, hailing the Fuhrer, hating Jews, finding strength from infancy to fulfill his mission for Hitler. Growing up as a model youth under the regime, he helps kidnap other children, is trained in the academic and fighting programs, and is witness to gross scenes of prostitution, murder, and assault toward those he loves as well as those he hates. Contextualizing all of his experience as a soldier in service to his Fuhrer, Max considers the tragedies he endures to be mere maneuvers in his operation.